[clug-talk] Against A National Broadband Policy

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Thu Dec 20 01:36:43 PST 2007

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Dave Bourassa wrote:
> Tom Weniger wrote:
>> Greetings All,
>> An interesting perspective on net neutrality for those interested....
>> http://www.mises.org/article.aspx?Id=2806
> A powerful, well elucidated argument ...

I came away with exactly the opposite opinion.  Inflammatory rhetoric
and "facts" that were not well supported by a guy who did not convince
me that he knew what he was talking about.  To be fair I am not all that
convinced that Ask a Ninja is an authority either :)

Most of the opinions on both sides of this argument are by people who
have no idea what they are talking about.  This is not an issue that can
be reduced down to an either or statement, especially by the talking
heads that do not actually understand the topic.  It is a bad thing to
try to force data to support a political position, which is what happens
in the link above.  For Mr. Swanson his is a political perspective, not
a scientific nor technical one.

There was an interesting presentation at the last IETF meeting in
Vancouver a couple of weeks ago that is more relevant than the link above.

Slides can be found here:

The paper it is based on (worth the read) can be found here:
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