[clug-talk] Woohoo! Thank you COSSFest CD burners!

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 19:34:11 PST 2007

After seeing a few dozen left-over Ubuntu 7.10 CDs on the CLUG table
at COSSFest this year, I decided to grab one as a souvenir.  While
picking it up, I thought "why? why can't I say no to free CDs?  I
already have this burned at home!  But this one looks much better..."

Well, it's a very good thing I did, because tonight I was going to
resize some partitions on my gf's laptop (shrink windows & enlarge
Ubuntu,) and realized I couldn't find (and probably threw away or
never labelled) the disks I had used for the install!

So, shortly into my hunt to find the original disk, I found the one I
grabbed from COSSFest, and completed my task.

-Mark C.

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