[clug-talk] New Eee PC competitor: Everex Cloudbook

Cameron tekbudda at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 14:10:44 PST 2007

Mark Carlson wrote:
> Major hardware differences: Via C7 ULV @ 1.2GHz, 30GB HD, and DVI instead of VGA
> Running: gOS with Enlightenment E17 (?)
> Possible release date of Jan 15, 2008... only time will tell.
> Possibly a $400 price tag as well.  I'm really glad this market is
> gaining competitors!
> The rest of the details are here:
> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS6962839488.html

I believe I saw something on Everex (or could be gOS's website) that 
Everex is the company that has been selling Linux system in Wal-Mart on 
the past and I believe they are doing so (with another desktop) agian 
that is running gOS.

It would stand to reason that there is a good chance that they may sell 
these in Wal-Mart as well...at least I am hoping so!  I took a look at 
the gOS desktop (www.thinkgos.com) and it almost looks like a blend 
between Mac & Windows.

It looks like it is basically Ubuntu with the Enlightenment desktop.  If 
anyone wants to try it out their is a VMWare appliance and a Live CD 
available.  One person even asked if they could install in on their EEE-pc.

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