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Greg King wgking at cips.ca
Sat Dec 8 10:26:39 PST 2007

Hi folks,

If any of you have a 1/2 hour to spare today at 2:30 please meet some CUUG
members at Jim Prentice's Open House to present a protest to the proposed
new Canadian copyright law. 

For details see

Open house is at: 
Jim Prentice Constituency Office
Suite 105
1318 Centre St NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2R7


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I just saw this on slashdot myself.  I have a crowded schedule today (my
father's arriving by air ambulance from the states with a collapsed lung at
4) but I'm trying to think how I could squeeze into the 2:30-3:00 period at
the end of Prentice's "open house" to go confront him.

Can anybody join me?  The psychological impact of several people going
there, delivering a polite but curt and forceful message and then all
walking out together would be much, much larger than one person doing it
alone.  One person is a crank, several are a political message.

Proposed text:

"Mr. Prentice, my companions and I are all members of the Calgary Unix Users
Group, basically an organization of mostly middle-aged computer
professionals that operate and program the kind of servers that run large
corporations and the Internet itself.  As members of the high-tech industry,
we have been monitoring the copyright debate for over a decade now and we
are all convinced that most industry-backed copyright legislation is bad for
the industry itself.  

The same kind of people opposed radio 80 years ago because it 'gave away
free music' and the VCR 25 years ago when Jack Valenti infamously described
it as being to Hollywood what the Boston Strangler was to women.  Your
proposed legislation could easily damage both hi-tech and artistic content
industries alike as much as the proposed laws against VCRs and radio would
have if legislators of those times had been foolish enough to enact them.   

We see it as our duty as citizes, therefore, tto let you know that if
anything remotely resembling this legislation is passed by this government
that we will have to cast aside all our former political preferences in
favour of ending conservative party rule.  We are not talking about changing
our votes. We are talking about donating to your opponents, fund-raising for
your opponents, working for your opponents.  Your own seat here in Calgary
is no-doubt safe, so we as rational engineers will of course devote our
efforts to seats where the conservative party is weakest.

We don't have any questions, those are all amply answered by the reading we
have already done.  We just wanted to let you know."

Then we turn and walk out.

Come on, can anybody else come?
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