[clug-talk] Fight proposal for a Canadian DMCA

Mel Walters titus1 at telus.net
Sat Dec 8 00:25:25 PST 2007

Did any one see this yet? I missed it if you covered thisI am not sure if I 
can make it to the meeting, nor do I feel up to date on this. But see a copy 
of an email below that I saw:
Look here
and then at:
Last chance to ask the Industry Minister about your copy rights.

--- from Groklaw:
>  CALLING ALL Canadians
> Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, December 07 2007 @ 01:40 PM EST
> CANADIANS! SPREAD THE WORD NOW![reposted for urgency] Tomorrow is your
> best chance to fight the Canadian DMCA! Event in Calgary, national
> phone-in
> If you're a Canadian and you want to talk to Industry Minister Jim
> Prentice about his proposal for a Canadian DMCA, a copyright law
> that's even worse than the ten-year-old American legislation that
> resulted in lawsuits against 20,000+ Americans without stopping
> infringement or paying artists, now's your chance!
> This Saturday, Minister Prentice is hosting an open house in Calgary
> at his constituency office. This is the best chance we will ever have
> to make our feelings known about the Canadian DMCA. If you are in or
> near Calgary, plan on attending this event, along with local activist
> Kempton Lam (sign up on the Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook group).
> Dress neatly. Be polite. Be firm. Be friendly. Ask the Minister tough
> questions (the CBC has collected over 250 questions about this, all of
> which Prentice has refused to answer) in front of his constituents,
> the people who voted him into office (you don't need to remind him
> that that the last two MPs who tried to introduce a Canadian DMCA lost
> their jobs -- he knows!).
> Prentice's open house runs from 1PM-3PM tomorrow, Saturday, December 8
> at 1318 Centre Street NE, Suite 105, Calgary, AB (details on
> Prentice's website)
> Not in Calgary? NO PROBLEM! Plan on calling the Minister tomorrow or
> on dropping him an email, expressing your regrets that you can't
> attend the open house, but letting him know how you feel. Here are the
> numbers:
> Ottawa office - (613) 992-4275
> Calgary office - (403) 216-7777
> Minister office - (613) 995-9001
> His email address is: Prentice.J at parl.gc.ca. Once you send an email,
> print it out and mail it (no stamp needed!) to:
> Jim Prentice
> House of Commons
> Parliament Buildings
> Ottawa, Ontario
> K1A 0A6
> The word is that the Minister's office is reeling from the
> overwhelming, national response to this badly written, badly planned
> bill. Bringing this legislation to Canada is Prentice's "series of
> tubes" moment, the point at which Canada's Internet Czar shows himself
> to be largely ignorant of its workings and power.
> I believe that we can stop this bill. I will be calling the Minister
> tomorrow, and sending him a letter. I hope you do so as well.
> Canadians don't need to follow the US off the copyright cliff. We can
> have a sane and balanced copyright law, one that protects the Canadian
> public and Canadian artists.
> Tell your friends. Tell your family. If you care about the net, this
> could be the most important thing you do this year. Take action and
> save the country.
> Link to facebook event::::::
> http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=7365003311
> Link to 250 questions the minister refuses to answer the CBC
> collected::::::
> http://www.cbc.ca/searchengine/blog/2007/11/last_chance_to_ask_the_ind
> ustr_1.htm
> ustr_1.htm
> l
> Link TO BOINGBOING article
> http://www.boingboing.net/2007/12/07/canadians-tomorrow-i.html

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