[clug-talk] InstallFest - changing the face of CLUG (long post)

Mitchell Brown mitchell at untitled1.ca
Thu Dec 6 13:16:18 PST 2007

Kind of random:

I do remember a few months back when we tried to get into our usual room at
Devry (at this point, it was still on the first floor - where that library
is now) - but we couldn't because it was littered with food remains from the
prior occupants. Cake plates, drink cups, etc.

So providing we clean up, it looks like they wouldn't probably have an issue
with food.
Unless that issue changed things? :P

On Dec 6, 2007 1:37 PM, Kin Wong <kwong at csa-pdk.com> wrote:

> At the University, there is no issues as there are many vendors at
> MacHall.  At SAIT there is an issue with an existing contract with a
> supplier -- I am sure that we can bypass that but it would not be good for
> relations.  At Devry, I don't see any issues as they do not have extensive
> food services on campus.  I don't know about MRC at all.
> Whether we are able to have food and drinks in the room would also be
> another issue, but if it is a room without workstations and we leave it
> clean, I don't see a problem.  You are right, clarifying our ability to do
> to procure food services is always a good thing.
> I wouldn't say that nubes ask the dumbest questions, just that they are
> more sequential and detailed.  If you miss one step things are not going to
> work.  When I did software documentation, I would give it to the most
> technophobe in the company and get them to go through the instructions and
> that way I know clients are going to be happy with the results.  For those
> of us that jump to command line at the snap of the fingers, we do take a lot
> of things for granted.  It generally takes me at least 3 trials before I am
> likely to remember something and not to have to look it up.
> Kin,
> It sounds good to me.  I would come to try to get the record as the nube
> with the best attendence and the dumbest questions.
> On the logistic side,  a provided lunch sounds attractive but might be
> hard to get permission for and to supply.  Maybe free coffee & donuts would
> be eaaier to do.
> Robin
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