[clug-talk] InstallFest - changing the face of CLUG (long post)

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Thu Dec 6 10:34:37 PST 2007


It sounds good to me.  I would come to try to get the record as the nube
with the best attendence and the dumbest questions.

On the logistic side,  a provided lunch sounds attractive but might be hard
to get permission for and to supply.  Maybe free coffee & donuts would be
eaaier to do.


On Dec 6, 2007 1:07 PM, Kin Wong <kwong at csa-pdk.com> wrote:

> Had a brief discussion at last nights meeting on the purpose of CLUG,
> getting more membership, get people more active, getting more people out to
> the meetings, Installfest and COSSFEST.
> Background
> COSSFEST is a huge undertaking which can zap you of energy for a couple of
> months.  It has always been technically successful but we have always lacked
> both the time and avenue to promote the event.  The intro track has always
> been almost an after thought. (For a nube, enough to get started but not
> functional.)
> InstallFest is not as a big undertaking but the attendance can vary from a
> few knowledgeable faces to a healthy group of Linux explorers.  The outcome
> is a gamble. (For a nube, not enough to even to get started.)
> General meetings - we have had dwindling numbers for years now and we face
> losing the gurus in the group if there isn't anything for them.  We won't
> get new blood unless there is something for the nubes.
> Analysis
> Draw yourself a pyramid with the nubes at the base and the gurus at the
> top.  That means for some of us mere mortals, we are somewhere in the
> middle.  If you are attending the regular meetings then you are probably
> interested in bring out people like Mad Dog, Linus, Aaron, etc.  We can only
> do so if the base of the pyramid is health.  By focusing on what we can
> provide to the general public, we will be able to more for the balance of
> the pyramid.
> Proposal
> Change the face of InstallFest so that there is more structure.  Instead
> of just dropping by and having the techies sit around all day - have 5*1.5hr talks.  Why use Linux and Open Source, installation of Linux, how to
> print and play multimedia (including codecs), etc.  The whole idea is that
> the techs are only up for a couple of hours at a time, the subject matter is
> more or less standardize so that we are saying roughly the same thing, the
> topics are repetitive so that you don't need a huge amount of time for
> preparation and the whole thing is transferable - someone with peripheral
> knowledge would still be able to give the presentation in a pinch.
> Charge a price of $15-$20 - not to make money but to have commitment from
> people who what to attend (nothing worse than to throw a party and have no
> one come - also a waste of good talent).  Provide lunch and a t-shirt (good
> advertising for the group).
> Minimize on administration - other than getting the ball rolling and
> determining content, there is little funding required, no large hall to
> book, just pick a date and roll with it.  We can start small - maybe 4 days
> in a year and build up to once a month.  Devry would be an ideal location
> with free parking.  A single room would not be a logistical issue.  Topics
> can be changed out to make things interesting.
> Promotion is the bane of pulling off an event, especially when you don't
> have endless amounts of money.  But you don't have to have a lot of money,
> just energy.  For the size of CLUG, if members are willing to spend even
> 5-10 minutes of their normal schedule to post a poster in their office,
> school, library it would go a long ways.  But we need to know way in advance
> what we want to do and when.
> We also have to have mini-events that feed into InstallFest and
> InstallFest to COSSFEST.  Tag along on not-for profits that have great
> coverage like the Calgary Public Library and do free one hour presentations
> on topics like Gimp, Open Office, etc.  1 in 10 will come to a InstallFest.
>  2 in 10 will come to our regular meetings.  4 in 10 will come out to
> COSSFEST.  Another promotional opportunity is the Chamber of Commerce
> breakfast meetings for small business or the not for profit societies of
> which many are in a single building downtown.
> This has been brewing in my mind for a while now and since COSSFEST is
> over and I had a bit of time to think, I know this is doable.  Election
> platform - not really, I am considering not continuing on the exec (it isn't
> allot of hard work, but personally it takes too much time and not delivering
> the satisfaction of what I like to see in the community).  Am I committed to
> Linux and Open Source -- yes, but as usual looking for the bang for the buck
> whether it is money or time.
> I am sincerely hoping that people will jump on this thread and help flush
> this out.  Is it the absolutely the solution - no, anything can be improved
> upon.  I neither think that I am the smartest in the group nor the dumbest,
> but like many have the heart in the right place but still failing to find an
> avenue to turn it into something better.
> For all of you that are looking at what's in it for me - absolutely
> nothing if that is the first thought and everything if it is successful.
>  Informing begets adopters, adopters begets evangelists, evangelists begets
> decision makers -- all of which creates a better environment for both the
> community, the environment and CLUG.  Like I have said to some of you
> before, it doesn't change things in my working lifetime, it will be a start
> in the right direction for my kids.
> Regards,
> Kin
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