[clug-talk] gkrellm

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Thu Dec 6 02:33:39 PST 2007

I mentioned this gkrellm tool at tonights meeting.  (or is that last 
night now?)  Here's where you can get more detail:


This is a system monitor that sits on your desktop.  It is configurable 
to show more or less information and/or statistics.  There are even 
plugins to check if you have mail, use it as a music player, and more. 
You can also theme it if you'd like.  I personally like the "invisible" 
theme so that the graphs "float" over my background.

I typically run this from a console, or via the RUN dialog (alt-f2 on 
kde).  Then I just don't close the program.  At that point, it's always 
on my desktop.  I also configure gkrellm to not show in the task bar. 
So now it's just part of my desktop.  But it's very handy - when things 
are getting a little sluggish, a quick glance tells me it's due to high 
drive activity, or CPU, or memory.  It's also handy to figure out how 
badly the application I just started is affecting my resources.

Theming is easy.  Download the team you want (it's in a tar.gz file), 
decompress it and move the resulting directory into your 
~/.gkrellm/themes directory.  Now you can pick that theme from the 
dialog (right click on gkrellm - it'll either take you straight to the 
configuration for the thing you right-clicked on (i.e. Disk), or give 
you a context menu.  From the context menu you can go to configuration, 
then pick themes.

gkrellm is a mature application, so most distros have it in their 
repository.  For *buntu, a simple "apt-get install gkrellm" does the trick.


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