[clug-talk] MEPIS SMP?

Gustin Johnson Gustin at echostar.ca
Sun Sep 3 13:59:29 PDT 2006

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Jon wrote:
> I'm giving MEPIS a try on my Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop. I gave it a 
> whirl because the live CD did so well. After the install it's going OK, 
> but there's a couple of issues to iron out.
> My main concern right now is getting an SMP kernel installed. I used 
> synaptic to download the smp packages and the 2.16.12.-9-smp kernel. I 
> was kind of surprised to see that installing that installing a new 
> kernel didn't result in my menu.lst being modified (does in Kubuntu) so 
> I manually edited it and added the new kernel.
> When I attempt to boot into that kernel, I just get a blank black 
> screen. GRUB disappears and leaves me with nothing. I know the file name 
> is correct because when I screwed it up the first time, GRUB told me.
> Someone in the forums told me to install the K7 smp kernel, but given 
> that I'm running a Centrino and not an AMD that seems kind of wrong to me.
> Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to get SMP working on my 
> machine? Maybe I've got the wrong kernel or something?
> Thanks!
> J

Was SMP not working under Kubuntu?  The stock ubuntu kernel worked for
me on my dual core laptop (even though I quickly replaced it for other
reasons).  I would not use the K7 kernel unless you actually had an AMD cpu.

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