[clug-talk] DNS help/suggestions.

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Fri Oct 13 00:01:55 PDT 2006

As most of ya know, I work with the Avro Museum organization.  In the 
past couple weeks I've been getting reports that "the site can't be 
found", yet when I load it everything is fine.

After some digging I've determined it seems to be Shaw's DNS server - as 
indicated in the following nslookup output:

sgrover at sage:~$ nslookup
 > server
Default server:
 > www.avromuseum.ca

** server can't find www.avromuseum.ca: NXDOMAIN
 > open2space.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   open2space.com

That IP ( is a Shaw server.  I looked up my own domain 
afterwards just to be sure the server is at least functional.

So, now I have a case where my domain is not recognized by *some* Shaw 
customers who are unlucky enough to get these DNS servers assigned to 
them (via DHCP).  There have been absolutely no changes to the domain 
setup, and the domain is registered till 2010.  And to really throw a 
wrinkle into it, the server is on a Telus connection.  So I don't know 
why Shaw's servers would not recognize our domain.

Any suggestions on what I can do about this?  I'm placing a call to them 
tomorrow, but anything else?

Thanks for any tips.


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