[clug-talk] SOLVED: Mailq: Connection Refused [] Problem

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Wed May 31 16:40:13 PDT 2006

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You will all be happy to know that the emails will now stop :)

Turns out that the subject error is misleading. What it should have said was

Connection Refused []

It gives no indication of what port the connection failed on. Because
none of my mail was being delivered I had a nice full mailq. I ran:

sendmail -Ac -q -v

and the output showed me that the connection was attempting to be made
on port 587 (amavisd). Once I knew that, a quick Google turned up this
line in a sample master.cf.template:

587       inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd -v -o
smtpd_enforce_tls=yes -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes

(read as all one line).

Now that there's something picking up on port 587, all is good.

How did this happen? I'm not sure, but I have a theory. I became aware
that the problem was likely attributable to a daemon not running, but I
didn't know how to figure out which one until I stumbled across that
sendmail command to process the queue. I then tried to start amavisd
manually from /kolab/sbin/amavisd. It aborted and complained that there
was no /etc/amavisd.conf file. The conf file actually exists at

I think that Gustin has the crux of the problem that Kolab expects to be
chrooted to /kolab. If that was so, then th /etc/amavisd.conf path would
work. For whatever reason, however, my Kolab is not chrooted. I simply
created a symlink to /etc/amavisd.conf to point to the
/kolab/etc/amavisd.conf file and now it runs. Don't know if that's a
good idea or not, but there it is.

The million dollar question is why that 587 line was missing in my stock
master.cf.template file to begin with. I did a lot of things to the
master and main files while mucking about, but I didn't do that.

Strange, but true....

Thanks for all the ideas and help. A lot of them put me onto the track
that eventually solved this thing.

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