[clug-talk] Mailq: Connection Refused [] Problem

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed May 31 14:37:58 PDT 2006

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Jon wrote:
> Things are looking up. Thanks to everyone's advice.
> Turns out that I was totally confused and my distro was running 
> sendmail. Not a problem usually, but it was causing Post Fix to 
> fail to launch because it couldn't bind. Now that I actually have 
> Post Fix running, a lot of the postfix information is helpful. I 
> can now use Cosmopod to connect to Kolab to send mail.
> The last problem I have (at the moment) is that I can't send mail 
> using sendmail either locally or out to the internet. My mailq 
> shows the following:
> <id> 16 Wed May 31 15:35 root (Deferred: Connection refused by 
> [] me at jonwatson.ca
> About a dozen times. One for each message I've attempted to send. 
> I've added:
> OK
> To my /kolab/etc/postfix/access file and restarted everything, but 
> no go.
> I can't help but think that I have to fix this. If I understand 
> correctly, sendmail will be used internally by various processes 
> (spamassassin, sieve, etc) to move mail around. If it won't accept 
> local connections I think this is going to cause me problems.

sendmail is a program that does the same task as postfix, so you don't
really have to use sendmail (which should now have the same problem that
postfix did before.

What you may need to, is reconfigure all of your apps that are outside
of Kolab (remember the VM concept?) to *not* use sendmail, but to
specify a remote smtp server, whos ip address happens to be

> So?last question and then I promise to go away: any ideas how to 
> get Post Fix to accept mail from the localhost?

It probably already does accept connections from localhost.  When an
application is configured to use sendmail, it usually calls sendmail
directly, and does not make a connection to port 25.

> Thanks again - you guys have been a great help.
> J
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