[clug-talk] automating password changes

Neil Bower nbower at clug.ca
Wed May 31 13:55:39 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 14:36, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> > Also, especially with that many accounts, you should *never* use the same
> > password
> > for everything!  *Ever*!
> Oh I know its bad. But what else can I do? I mean - how can I remember
> different passes for everything? :-/

Create about 3 or 4 different passwords. Then use password "a" for website 
logins where confidential info isn't a concern. Use password "b" for your 
personal login, use password "c" for root logins, etc.  This way you only 
need to remember about 3 or 4 passwords and it becomes pretty obvious where 
you would use each.

Just some thoughts...

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