[clug-talk] Mailq: Connection Refused [] Problem

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Wed May 31 12:50:59 PDT 2006

Things are looking up. Thanks to everyone's advice.

Turns out that I was totally confused and my distro was running 
sendmail. Not a problem usually, but it was causing Post Fix to 
fail to launch because it couldn't bind. Now that I actually have 
Post Fix running, a lot of the postfix information is helpful. I 
can now use Cosmopod to connect to Kolab to send mail.

The last problem I have (at the moment) is that I can't send mail 
using sendmail either locally or out to the internet. My mailq 
shows the following:

<id> 16 Wed May 31 15:35 root (Deferred: Connection refused by 
[] me at jonwatson.ca

About a dozen times. One for each message I've attempted to send. 
I've added: OK

To my /kolab/etc/postfix/access file and restarted everything, but 
no go.

I can't help but think that I have to fix this. If I understand 
correctly, sendmail will be used internally by various processes 
(spamassassin, sieve, etc) to move mail around. If it won't accept 
local connections I think this is going to cause me problems.

last question and then I promise to go away: any ideas how to 
get Post Fix to accept mail from the localhost?

Thanks again - you guys have been a great help.


-=: www.jonwatson.ca
-=: www.linuxworldnet.com
-=: +1.403.875.6048

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