[clug-talk] smb4k for ftp/nfs

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Wed May 31 10:54:19 PDT 2006

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NFS mounts a remote directory to a local one.  For me, I use command
line tools to mount samba directories (all I have to do is type mount
/path/to/mountpoint) and the samba share is simply another directory on
my computer.  I then use cd, mv, like I would for any
other file.  Konqueror also works as expected.

Konqueror also has a number of things that it can handle natively.  From
the address bar, type fish://username@hostname and you can browse a
remote computer over ssh, by pointing and clicking.  I know
sftp://username@hostname works, so I imagine ftp://username@hostname
works as well (I no longer support ftp, so I did not test this)

As for NFS, it is different from samba.  It is designed to be mounted
like any other partition, in this case the partition does not happen to
be local.  To make a long story short, given the way NFS works, it makes
an smb4k-like application pointless.

Samba is a big topic.  I have just bought the "Samba-3 By Example" book
(ISBN 0-13-188221-x) because I don't know enough about it, and I use it

Anyway, samba can be configured to be a PDC, member of a domain, or just
a computer with some shares.  This is the short short version.  All you
should need to do is smbpasswd -a username to create a user with a
password.  Then all you have to worry about is the usual user/file

Mitchell Brown wrote:
> Thanks Gustin :) Always a pleasure to read your responses :)
> I guess I can use Samba, yeah, but, just for future reference, is there
> something like this for FTP at all?
> PS: I'm not sure how to setup usernames and passwords for
> files/folders/printers/resources on my box. Do I need a "Primary domain
> controller" to do that? Sounds expensive :-/
> On 5/28/06, *Gustin Johnson* <gustin at echostar.ca
> <mailto:gustin at echostar.ca>> wrote:
> Mitchell Brown wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was wondering, what is (if any) the equivalent of smb4k for FTP and
>> NFS mounts?
>> I want to connect my server to my workstation under
> /home/mbrown/srv and
>> then
>> tell Picasa and Amarok to scan that folder (as I store all my
> music and
>> stuff on the
>> server). Sure, I could use Samba, but I find it. Well. Windows-ish.
>> Slow. Insecure.
>> Lack of configurability (is that a word?).
>> Thanks.
> Actually I use samba for exactly this purpose, mostly because it is
> *more* secure and reliable than NFS.  Also NFS has issues over a
> wireless network whereas samba (CIFS) just flies.  NFS can be made to
> run over TCP, which helps improve performance over a wireless link, but
> in my tests it has a higher CPU load and lower actual throughput
> than samba.
> There is a more secure derivative of NFS called sfs, but I found samba
> easier to configure and deploy.
> Also, the convenience  of having the odd Windows box mount shares is
> nice too (I use Linux almost everywhere I have a choice, except on one
> machine).

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