[clug-talk] Postix Only Listening on Localhost

Curtis Rempel curtis at enigma-logic.ca
Wed May 31 10:43:15 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 11:27, Jon wrote:
> > You'd mentioned postfix so I didn't make any comment on the
> > "sendmail" above.  Perhaps you've got sendmail running instead of
> > postfix and don't realize it?
> You're right - Sendmail is running and not Postfix.
> I am now officially hopelessly confused. Kolab should (if I
> understand things correctly) be running Postfix. However, Postfix
> is not running on my system and attempts to start or stop if
> result in nothing. No error messages in any of the logs that I can
> see and the daemon certainly doesn't start. I just get returned to
> the command line instantly.

I don't recall what distro you're using, but you should be able to "unplug" 
sendmail and replace it with postfix.  On RH based distros, you can 

# system-switch-mail

(as long as that RPM is installed) and it will take care of ripping out 
sendmail and dropping in postfix automatically.


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