[clug-talk] automating password changes

Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Wed May 31 10:05:38 PDT 2006


I'm the kind of security freak who changes his password every couple of
weeks. This is all fine and dandy, but, I have the following things to

   - Gmail
   - MSN
   - Digg
   - Slashdot
   - PCLinuxOS.com
   - Other forums
   - CLUG password
   - Laptop password
   - Laptop VNC password
   - All the passwords used in Google Desktop search to access my Google
   - My server "mbrown" user
   - My server root user
   - My dad's workstation "mbrown" user
   - My dad's workstation root user
   - My IPCop admin password
   - My IPCop root password
   - My DI-524 wireless Access Point password
   - My DI-604 wired router password

Yeah. I have *alot* of passwords...
Is there someway I could automate the changing of these so I could just run
a script, type my old password, my new password and just sit back?


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