[clug-talk] Postix Only Listening on Localhost

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Wed May 31 08:42:08 PDT 2006

This should be a no-brainer. I've Googled the hell out of it and 
tried a bajillion things, but no go. KMail can't connect to my 
(Kolab) postfix. A netstat -tpl (thanks Aaron!) shows

tcp 0 0 localhost:smtp *:* LISTEN 1 3150/sendmail: MTA

I take this to mean that postfix will only accept localhost 
connections. Telnetting to localhost 25 from the box works, but 
telnetting from outside to port 25 fails with a "connection 
refused" which seems to bear this theory out.

I can't help but feel this is so lame, but I can't suss it. Can 
someone tell me where to tell postix to accept connections from 
the outside world?



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