[clug-talk] paths to printcap file

Michael Walters waltersm at telusplanet.net
Wed May 31 06:52:43 PDT 2006

Hello Jesse,

Thanks for the suggestion for path to printcap file. That path may be 
right, but the reason I changed the path when brain dead was that the 
printer was not working, so I may have the correct path but still need 
to configure my printer.

I changed the path to /etc/printcap , but need to do something else to 
get the printer working again.

Thanks for all the help from everyone including Jesse.



Jesse Kline wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-30-05 at 19:19 -0600, Michael Walters wrote:
>> What are a few possible paths to the printcap file in the print manager 
>> that I could try out to possibly get my printer configuration working again?
> /etc/printcap
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