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Darcy Brodie darcy at canasc.ca
Tue May 30 18:55:54 PDT 2006

Jon wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Shawn wrote:
>> Not sure about the details here - I think there's many places the port number 
>> has to be changed....  Andrew has the details on this, if he's monitoring the 
>> thread.
> I don't think Andrew is talking to me after the spam thing :)
> Allright, armed with this and Aaron's and Jesse's emails I'm off to give
> it another whirl. I'll report back when Kolab has beaten me up and
> stolen my lunch money (saw that on a Kolab thread today. Made me laugh).
> J
    Here is a copy of what Andy sent out just after we did the Kolab 
workshop.  It has worked for me

You need to edit /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/httpd.conf.template.

<copy of previous email>
The listen directives are around line 108.

Listen 8000
Listen 4430

You also need to change the default virtual host directive to include the port 
redirection.  This is around line 39

<VirtualHost _default_:4430>

You also need to change the Location directives for the error documents to 
redirect the browser to the admin login.  This is around line 134.

<Location />
  ErrorDocument 403 https://@@@fqdnhostname@@@:4430/admin/
<Location /fbview>
  ErrorDocument 403 https://@@@fqdnhostname@@@:4430/fbview/

After you save the file you need to run /kolab/sbin/kolabconf.  It will make 
the required changes and restart the apache server for you.


<end of previous email>

It pays to keep old emails around

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