[clug-talk] Rethread: Spam

Andrew J. Kopciuch akopciuch at bddf.ca
Tue May 30 12:24:14 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 12:40, Jon wrote:
> Laff...nice.
> I consider your desire for me to accept any and all incoming email in
> the event that someone not on my whitelist wants to get hold of me to be
> at least as uppity as you consider my whitelist to begin with.

Not all incoming mail ... just from people like Aaron who made an attempt to 
help you when you requested it.  You asked for help, and I would say making 
the helpers jump through hoops to communicate with you would be rather 
annoying.  As was said ... there are other (nicer) ways to go about what you 
want to accomplish.

> Apparently we both think our time is too valuable to talk to each other.
> I guess the spammers win this one, eh?

Investing minutes into good discussions is well worth my time ... but I think 
my time is too valuable to waste in an unnecessary process like signing up to 
white lists.

> In all seriousness, I've used SA before. It's good, but no great shakes.
> The problem quite simply is that only *I* know what email I want.
> Therefore, the onus is on *me* to decide which email gets through.
> Nothing - no machine, application, or other human - is able to
> accurately decide what should get through. Therefore, I do it myself by
> virtue of a whitelist that provides the means for me to vet my incoming
> email on my terms and on my own time.

SA has white lists.  And it's all up to you what goes in it.

> In the end we all have the right to set the conditions under which we
> communicate with each other. I've determined that the best way to manage
> my time in my non-stop-email world is through a whitelist. You've
> decided that the best way to manage your time is to not waste it by
> adding yourself to whitelists. I have no problem with that and I
> recognize that many people share your views which is why I actively
> manage my whitelist. Since I manage it instead of hiding behind it, I
> always get all my mail anyhow, so in the end "there's nothing to see
> here". You sent me an email and I got it. The system works.

Well you got the email sure ... but you annoyed someone who was trying to 
offer their assistance ... and all because you want to do it your way.  As 
pointed out ... there are other options that do not force your choice upon 
everyone else.

> On the flip-side, I once received an email from someone and when I
> replied to it, I was presented with a spam challenge. Now THAT'S an
> unmanaged whitelist.

um ... not really ... challenge / response white lists only work after they 
first receive a challenge.  If your reply was the first challenge ... that's 
how it works.


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