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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon May 29 20:18:04 PDT 2006

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I sent this earlier from another account.  The list moderators can
simply delete my previous attempt:

I have two situations that I suspect will have a similar solution.

The first, is pruning ones email folders based on a date range.  There
are a number of users, myself included, that have a large mail box, due
to having archived a lot of email since 1999.  Even though I have
physical access to the box, and mail is stored in
/var/spool/cyrus/mail/<1st letter>/user/<username>, I would like a
script that can be run remotely, over IMAPS, that can archive messages
older than an arbitrary date.  In a perfect world the output would be
human readable and machine parsable.

The second situation will archive an entire mailbox, folders and all,
for offline storage.  Easy enough with cyrus (tar -cjvf), but say I do
not have local access, or the mailbox resides in Exchange (yes a lot of
my clients use Exchange).

Fetchmail looks like it can get email for me, and I am looking at
building a shell script to do the logic (when one is a hammer, they tend
to see the world as a nail... hence shell script).  But before I sink
any time into this, I thought I would check to see if anyone knew of a
project that already does this (there are a bunch commercial email
archiving utils).

Traversing multiple folders seems to be the sticking point  (I found a
great little java app that even exports to xml, but it cannot recurse
through an imap folder structure, that and no support for imaps).  It
handles attachments nicely and badly, all at the same time.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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