[clug-talk] Sporadic Resume Problems

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sun May 28 23:02:00 PDT 2006

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Ok, after a weekend of suspend/resume (I have not actually shutdown the
laptop since I installed the new kernel at work on Friday), I am now a
fan.   I have not had a single failure.  Sometimes I was connected with
a wired lan, or the ndiswrapper WLAN nic, or sometimes not at all.
Sometimes the AC was connected, sometimes not (I tried to randomize this
as much as possible).  I tried having USB devices connected, as well as
PCMCIA devices, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

So, I am not sure that I can really help since I can't seem to replicate
the problem.

I do have to manually suspend the laptop since I purposely disabled the
suspend on lid close option (moving from room to room does not warrant a
full suspend) in the bios.

The only thing I can think of is to try a newer kernel.

Gustin Johnson wrote:
> Jon wrote:
>>> Gustin Johnson wrote:
>>>>> That is much newer, not that old at all.  I wonder if it is a bug with
>>>>> SMP (Dual Core mobiles are new)
>>> It occurred to me after sending that email that a dual core kernel would
>>> likely be new. I guess I was thinking more of a 'we'll throw SMP into
>>> this kernel and work out the kinks later' type of thing rather than an
>>> age thing.
> Well SMP on Linux is quite mature (arguably more so than Windows), it
> just that not many SMP machines were likely to suspended.  This SMP is a
> new thing to laptops and so there may be some bugs that need to be
> worked out.
>>>>> All distros that I tried bailed horribly on my laptop, so I had to do
>>> Same on my Inspiron 1000 until I tried Linspire. Bloated, but wickedly
>>> functional. I was about to put Linspire on this laptop until a friend of
>>> mine pointed out that the newest updates from Kubuntu contained the
>>> Intel 3945 wireless drivers and firmware. Not looking back now.
> I am sure I would have little to no trouble with any of the distros now
> that I have a kernel with the drivers I need.
>>>>> Yes 3 seconds is too long when I simply move to another room... (I did
>>> Wow..you *are* demanding. The only laptop I've ever seen resume faster
>>> than this bad boy is Kelly's old iBook. That thing would be fully
>>> resumed and functional before you had the lid fully opened. Sexy.
> Usually I am in the middle of something, so suspending gets in my way.
> I used to own an iBook as well.  Sexy yes, but next to useless.  I used
> to describe it as a Porche with a Neon engine.  These days you are
> better off buying that Core Solo/Duo from anyone else at nearly half the
> price.  Apple is no longer over priced and under powered, now they are
> merely over priced.
>>>>> Ahh, Wireless G, making streaming video possible in your backyard.
>>> Well I haven't done video yet, but I was listening to Virgin radio from
>>> London all afternoon in my backyard during our yardsale today with nary
>>> a single stutter. It was religious :)
> Amen brother (I been listening to too much blues...)
> Wireless G is nice with a mythtv setup (watching streaming TV while in
> the backyard chilaxin' is also spiritual.
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