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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sun May 28 17:50:38 PDT 2006

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Andrew J. Kopciuch wrote:
>> As for mail relay, Kolab allows relay for authenticated users.  I'm
>> not sure if you can disable this without affecting some core email 
>> functionality.  You COULD stop the relaying by blocking port 25,
>> but then Kolab won't receive any mail messages.  (don't do that).
>> I think this issue is in the realms of "recommended policy", but
>> the tech perspective is kinda iffy....  Or I need more sleep - not
>> shure which yet.
> SMPTS on port 465 ... all sending is done through there.  SMTP port
> 25 is for receiving only as you mentioned.  You can not (easily) turn
> of SMTP, not that you would want to anyways.  And sending via SMTP
> auth is all via SMTP + SSL.

TLS and SMTP auth is how I do it (on port 25).  Though I am not using
Kolab in production yet (Horde + Cyrus + Exim).

>> The experimental portions of Horde are the Kolab integration
>> features.  i.e storing contact details in Kolab's LDAP database,
>> and similar.  With regards to simply getting your mail, treat Kolab
>> as an IMAP server and you're done. It IS possible to put Horde on
>> the same box as Kolab, but you'll have to jump through a few more
>> hoops.
> No longer experimental.  So they claim ... but IMO it still does not
> reliably work without problems.  The main issue as I see it is that
> HORDE is so massive, and tries to accommodate every possible scenario
> that you could ever have (just take a look at the drivers files for
> each module ... blech), that it is too bloated to be able to handle
> each persons sub set of operations.

Yes and no.  At least the various components are very modular, and you
do not need them all to have a functioning install.

> Even if you only want 3 things ... you get everything.  If you want
> all 35963^10 things ... you get everything ... if you only want to
> configure one thing ... you still have all the configurations for
> everything.

> Let me say that it does work ... you can do a great deal (re : HUGE)
> amount of very nice things with Horde ... but it is a large task to
> install, and maintain.
It is no different than anything else, there is always maintenance work.
 Personally I have found horde to be quite nice to maintain over a long
period of time, once we spent some time getting familiar with it (I have
been running horde in production for several years now).
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