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Dave Watkins - CLUG President at CLUG.ca
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Hi All,

A bit alarmist here IMHO. 

Acer’s logic behind their partitioning is as follows:

Three partitions, 

1st a hidden partition that contains the factory recovery image and the
files required to restore the operating system to factory original.

2nd The “C” partition with the OS and applications, and

3rd The “D” partition which is used as a second partition for data storage
as well as the “target” partition when using Acers eRecovery utility to
create an image of the C partition to the D partition.

Running the utility allows you to image the C drive onto the D drive or
partition and allows you to recover that image from D to C should the PC
fail to boot and attempts to repair the issue fail.

Installing Linux will probably cause the recovery utility to fail however if
you create the recovery CD's as suggested by Acer and during the initial
boot up and customization recovering the OS back to factory is a simple
process. Just boot from the recovery CD and you'll restore the image. If you
have two partitions, C and D for example, only the C partition will be
rewritten. Data on the D partition will/should remain intact.

As far as being out $200.00 ...... If you do as suggested and create the
recovery disk in the first place you can restore the system to factory for
the price of a DVD and 15 minutes of time.

I couldn't get hold of Acer's tech support in a hurry but I doubt that they
charge $200.00 for recovery disks. Compaq and IBM charge about $25 - $30
IIRC and I doubt Acer is any different.

Concerning wireless.... Intel has a project page on Sourceforge for their
various wireless cards with instructions on how to install, where to
download all with step-by-step instructions on the procedure.

The disk issue is a moot point if you're going to run Linux exclusively but
as I said earlier this is hardly a reason to discard a complete product


Dave Watkins
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You will have nothing but headaches. Out of the box, my Acer 'top is
configured as such
• 80gb drive
• Cut into three parts
• 19(ish)GB for the C:
• 19(ish)GB for the D: 
• 2(ish)GB for the hidden "Recovery partition"
Unless you are willing to completely destroy the hard drive layout, then
don't buy it. If you so much as change one byte of the partition table, the
recovery partition is garbage, and will no longer restore Windows XP to the
C:\. Granted, this is not a problem if you are willing to forgoe with XP
altogether - but just know, you will never get it back and will be out $200
odd dollars for the copy of it. 

Just a word of warning from a fellow Acer'er.
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