[clug-talk] laptop recommendations

Mitchell Brown mbgb14 at gmail.com
Sun May 28 16:21:21 PDT 2006

You will have nothing but headaches. Out of the box, my Acer 'top is
configured as such

   - 80gb drive
   - Cut into three parts
   - 19(ish)GB for the C:
   - 19(ish)GB for the D:
   - 2(ish)GB for the hidden "Recovery partition"

Unless you are willing to completely destroy the hard drive layout, then
don't buy it. If you so much as change one byte of the partition table, the
recovery partition is garbage, and will no longer restore Windows XP to the
C:\. Granted, this is not a problem if you are willing to forgoe with XP
altogether - but just know, you will never get it back and will be out $200
odd dollars for the copy of it.

Just a word of warning from a fellow Acer'er.
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