[clug-talk] Disappearing KMail and "No Subject"

Dave Watkins Dave at davewatkins.net
Sun May 28 16:09:48 PDT 2006

Hi All,


I've a problem with KMail 1.5.1 on an old system running SUSE 8.2.


When I click on an email in the Inbox the Subject changes to "No Subject"
and the content of the message as displayed in the preview window


I've found a suggested solution that says to close KMail, open up the Mail
folder and delete the index files.


Am I correct in assuming that the "index" files referred to are the ones
ending in .index? There are files named as follows for each folder I have







So, do I just delete the files with foldername.index i.e. beth.index and
restart KMail to resolve this issue?





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