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Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Sun May 28 15:10:28 PDT 2006

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Right...got it. I saw the part about putting the tables into the Drupal
database and made the wrong connection.


Shawn wrote:
> On Sunday 28 May 2006 15:44, Shawn wrote:
>>> I'm using Drupal for the site, and have put our tables into the Drupal
>>> database.  My query is no longer finding results (so it seems).  However,
>>> if I run the exact same query directly in a mysql shell I see all the
>>> results I need...  So I'm kinda stumped here...  Any suggestions?
>> Just an update.  I thought this *could* be a permissions issue, so I have
>> logged into the MySQL shell using the same credentials the webserver would
>> and ran the query.  It returns me a bunch of records.  But the web page
>> does not...  So at least I know its not a permission problem now....
> Not resolved yet, but go figure - the moment you ask for help, you start 
> making progress...  It *looks* like the web page IS in fact getting data, but 
> due to how some of that data is represented, it's not getting processed.  
> Specifically I have a field called "Section", and I'm doing a match on this 
> field to determine which records to display.  It turns out that I'm looking 
> for "Artefact" while the field holds ""Artefact""  (notice the extra set of 
> quotes...)  So, I *think* this is the culprit, and I just need to figure out 
> how to get the system to import the data without those quotes, or modify my 
> code to match them....
> Thanks for the suggstion Jon, but I don't think this is an indexing problem.  
> This is um... somewhat outside Drupal's framework.  Drupal only comes into 
> play for presenting the data - I have a drupal page created with PHP code 
> that queries our table, but the tables have nothing to do with Drupal, other 
> than being in the same database (saves some extra db connection code).
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