[clug-talk] Website database access help

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sun May 28 14:56:55 PDT 2006

On Sunday 28 May 2006 15:44, Shawn wrote:
> > I'm using Drupal for the site, and have put our tables into the Drupal
> > database.  My query is no longer finding results (so it seems).  However,
> > if I run the exact same query directly in a mysql shell I see all the
> > results I need...  So I'm kinda stumped here...  Any suggestions?
> Just an update.  I thought this *could* be a permissions issue, so I have
> logged into the MySQL shell using the same credentials the webserver would
> and ran the query.  It returns me a bunch of records.  But the web page
> does not...  So at least I know its not a permission problem now....

Not resolved yet, but go figure - the moment you ask for help, you start 
making progress...  It *looks* like the web page IS in fact getting data, but 
due to how some of that data is represented, it's not getting processed.  
Specifically I have a field called "Section", and I'm doing a match on this 
field to determine which records to display.  It turns out that I'm looking 
for "Artefact" while the field holds ""Artefact""  (notice the extra set of 
quotes...)  So, I *think* this is the culprit, and I just need to figure out 
how to get the system to import the data without those quotes, or modify my 
code to match them....

Thanks for the suggstion Jon, but I don't think this is an indexing problem.  
This is um... somewhat outside Drupal's framework.  Drupal only comes into 
play for presenting the data - I have a drupal page created with PHP code 
that queries our table, but the tables have nothing to do with Drupal, other 
than being in the same database (saves some extra db connection code).

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