[clug-talk] Website database access help

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sun May 28 14:37:53 PDT 2006

We have a couple of tables on the Avro Museum website that are updated a few 
times a year.  This process consists of simply deleting all records in the 
tables, and then importing new records from a comma delimited file.  I've 
done this and am now facing some weird issues.

The page in question (one of them) is at 

I'm using Drupal for the site, and have put our tables into the Drupal 
database.  My query is no longer finding results (so it seems).  However, if 
I run the exact same query directly in a mysql shell I see all the results I 
need...  So I'm kinda stumped here...  Any suggestions?


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