[clug-talk] Kolab

Andrew J. Kopciuch akopciuch at bddf.ca
Sat May 27 23:48:54 PDT 2006

> As for mail relay, Kolab allows relay for authenticated users.  I'm not
> sure if you can disable this without affecting some core email
> functionality.  You COULD stop the relaying by blocking port 25, but then
> Kolab won't receive any mail messages.  (don't do that).  I think this
> issue is in the realms of "recommended policy", but the tech perspective is
> kinda iffy....  Or I need more sleep - not shure which yet.

SMPTS on port 465 ... all sending is done through there.  SMTP port 25 is for 
receiving only as you mentioned.  You can not (easily) turn of SMTP, not that 
you would want to anyways.  And sending via SMTP auth is all via SMTP + SSL.

> The experimental portions of Horde are the Kolab integration features.  i.e
> storing contact details in Kolab's LDAP database, and similar.  With
> regards to simply getting your mail, treat Kolab as an IMAP server and
> you're done. It IS possible to put Horde on the same box as Kolab, but
> you'll have to jump through a few more hoops.

No longer experimental.  So they claim ... but IMO it still does not reliably 
work without problems.  The main issue as I see it is that HORDE is so 
massive, and tries to accommodate every possible scenario that you could ever 
have (just take a look at the drivers files for each module ... blech), that 
it is too bloated to be able to handle each persons sub set of operations.

Even if you only want 3 things ... you get everything.  If you want all 
35963^10 things ... you get everything ... if you only want to configure one 
thing ... you still have all the configurations for everything.   

Let me say that it does work ... you can do a great deal (re : HUGE) amount of 
very nice things with Horde ... but it is a large task to install, and 


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