[clug-talk] LinuxFest Pics

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sat May 27 22:03:59 PDT 2006

Er, sorry for the double post.  Right after I sent my last message, it occured 
to me that some people may not be following that thread, but might want to 
see the pictures.  So... here's a repost of my mesasge:

I took this (the other LinuxFest thread) as a kick in the butt to get my pics 
of the event online.  So...

You can see them on my blog at http://grover.open2space.com/node/33.

The images are a little large (500K or so), so please be kind to my 
bandwidth.. :)  One day in the not tooooo distant future (I hope), I'll do 
something about their size...


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