[clug-talk] Labor Scheduling

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Thu May 25 10:52:41 PDT 2006

On 5/25/06, Jesse Kline <jesse at kline.ca> wrote:
> I'm still totally clueless as to how to setup a scheduling system as complex as
> I need with one of the pieces of software. Does anyone know if someone's already
> got something that I can modify?

Usually all you need to schedule things is use a Gantt chart.
Unfortunately, I have not found a decent (or even close to decent) web
based gantt chart that was FOSS (and I don't remember if I saw any
decent non-free apps.)

Also, Gantt charts by themselves are pretty "dumb" they usually
require a reasonable amount of work to be useful.  Good luck in your
quest to find a "smart" one! :-)


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