[clug-talk] [OT] [hardware] dc power adapter

Kin Wong kwong at csa-pdk.com
Thu May 25 10:06:42 PDT 2006

>You can always get one from digikey as well if it can wait until
>tomorrow (overnight shipping if you order before 7PM.)
>Of course, digikey isn't usually the cheapest way (esp. on orders
>below $32.50,) but it sure is easy!
>Ah yes, also, remember to bring in the old one (if it's broken) or
>bring in the router (if you don't have the old power adapter) so that
>you can get the proper plug size.  Although, you can always cut off
>the old plug and put it on the new adapter in a pinch.
Good point -- I will need to dig out my soldiering station from storage 
as well.  After that all I need is a soldiering desk ;-)

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