[clug-talk] OT: Warning

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Wed May 24 13:37:42 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 24 May 2006 09:31, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> <snip>
> Thanks for umm, dare I say, defending me Gustin? :)
> This is exactly what I was trying to do -- warn people.
> I could totally get how that could happen on a Windows machine, but not on
> Linux - it just seems. Kinda farfetched.
> You know how you hear on the news "NEVER OPEN WEBSITES YOU MAY GET IN
> EMAILS! THEY COULD DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER!" Well, I've been on computers for
> 10 years and never seen anything like that.
> So yeah, sorry to anyone who I offended - but maybe now, instead of
> clicking a link from someone who gives it to you, you'll think twice.

While your intentions may have been good, the approach you took was not the 
best choice.  You could have discussed this topic in terms of a security 
concern, and ask how to protect against it, and maybe not even post the link 
at all (or maybe off list for people who wanted it).  Instead you basically 
enouraged people to click that link just so you can talk about a security 
issue, that could have been covered without the link at all.

I agree with Gustin's sentiments - there is an issue to be discussed here, and 
we shouldn't shy from the issue.  However, my problem was not with the issue 
(or you personally), but the nature of the post.  The way it was done is just 
not well suited to this list.  When I take my car into the shop, I don't talk 
to them about how to build a house - that's not what they're there for.  Same 
concept applies here.  CLUG-TALK is for discussing Linux and Open Source 
topics, not Windows topics or the latest funny site someone found (unless 
said site is related to one of the core topics, of course.. :) )

Off topic posts do happen, and are not actively discouraged.  But, people who 
do so have generally asked themselves if the topic is related to the purpose 
of the mailing list, or can be of use/interest to it's members (like a job 
posting).  (I personally ask myself these questions for EVERY post I make to 
the list - hint hing.. :)  )   I don't mean to come down on you too hard, but 
a post about stupid javascript tricks (of which I'm rather proficient with), 
and a porn site just don't pass that "generally related" test, or "of use" 
test.  As for interested, well, the world is full of all kinds of people, and 
I know a few will be curious (or is that bi-curious?).  But JavaScript 
scripting hacks isn't what clug-talk is intended for.  You would have been 
more on topic if this was posted to the progsig list - where we cover coding 
issues specifically...

Yep, there's a concern about how this might happen in Linux.  However, take a 
closer look at the results, and it's nothing more than one or more pictures 
getting loaded onto a single page via an endless loop that is just poor 
coding.  I will not do what is needed to protect against that - you're 
talking about some core javascript functionality here.  However, I will not 
take part in sites like that nor share how it might be done - it's just bad 

So, nothing to see here, move along...


(and this thread is now dead as far as I'm concerned)

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