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Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Wed May 24 04:51:22 PDT 2006

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I agree with Shawn. At the very least this post should be labelled Not
Safe For Work (NSFW) if it screams something about porn through the

On an more general note, I used to have the CLUG mailing list filtered
directly into its own mailbox which I would peruse at my leisure. I
learned that what this really meant is that I just don't read it all. I
stopped filtering it a couple of weeks ago and have genuinely started to
enjoy and participate in the conversation more.

However, I think I'm going to have to start to filter it again. There
are far too many multi-thread conversations about things that are
utterly unrelated to CLUG (I'm not referring to this post as I agree
that this is at least arguable). The placement of 'OT' in the subject
should not give one carte blanche to talk about anything under the sun.
There are times when this list turns into a general chat room which
undermines its use and function.

My 0.02


Shawn wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 May 2006 21:56, Mitchell Brown wrote:
>> Hello all, I'm just looking for a little bit of discussion on this site.
> I do see that you indicated OT in your topic which is a start at least, but 
> how is this thread even remotely of interest to anyone in the group?  It's 
> not Linux/FOSS specific, It's not really tech oriented (or at least not tech 
> that should be encouraged), and it's not work related and most people here do 
> not have any interest in this type of site.  I could be wrong though  (but I 
> don't think so).  Worse yet, you've just added this thread to the archives, 
> and now some poor sap will be at work and click on this link, crash his 
> computer, and potentially loose valuble time and maybe even their job.  
> Sexual issues are incredibly sensitive these days in the work force.
> Now, as a web developer, I know of a few methods off the top of my head some 
> of this could be done.  However, I will not discuss it in a public forum for 
> two reasons:
> 1) I would like to preserve some of the integrity I think people believe I 
> have... :)
> 2) I would not want to tell anyone how to create such a useless, ad (and 
> probably spyware) driven site.  Sites like this are not to be encouraged by 
> passing the links around, or discussing them.  (My opinion).
> (No, I did not click the link, nor have any desire to - I can get my adult 
> material from more, um... ethical?, sites... ).
> This thread should be dropped now like a lead brick.
> Shawn
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