[clug-talk] OT: Work table selection [Solved!]

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Tue May 23 22:10:16 PDT 2006

On 5/23/06, Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 May 2006 22:58, Mark Carlson wrote:
> > Top-posting with original problem at the end:
> >
> > I ended up going the DIY route and made a bench out of Unistrut and
> > stained 3/4" birch plywood.
> Looks pretty professional, $500 bucks you say?  Want to build another?  :)

Not if my life depended on it :P

It took way more work than I thought it would, and I didn't even do
100% of it (a coworker cut the strut for me with the chop saw at

It wouldn't have been as difficult to make if the weather wasn't
threatening to rain all day when I was staining (It rained on me twice
during the weekend) or if I had brought everything to work and did it
there (boring myself to death while watching the stain dry.)  I could
give you the plans so you could build your own though; I drew 'em up
myself... of course, they've got all sorts of grease and coffee stains
on 'em now :-)


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