[clug-talk] Moving a Partition?

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Tue May 23 13:35:10 PDT 2006

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> Now that the rest of my system has settled down, I'm looking at 
> this thing and wondering what I can do with it. I've determined 
> through forums that it appears to be hard coded to boot into the 
> second partition on the first hard drive. This would make it 
> /dev/sda2 for me. Sadly, that's where my Kubuntu install is (and 
> I've verified that powering on with this button does boot my 
> normal Linux install).
> I know that there are ways to shrink down partitions without 
> losing everything, but I've never done it. Assuming that someone 
> can point me in the right direction there, is there any way to 
> make my newly created partition /dev/sda2 instead of my current 
> Linux partition. And if I did, would it just be a matter of 
> updating GRUB with the new partition location of my Linux 
> install?
> Or am I about to make a hopeless mess if I try this?
There is the potential for a hopeless mess.  You may wish to make a
backup first.  dd_rescue is a good choice for this and can be found on
the stock Knoppix CD.  Partimage is another good choice, and is also
found on stock Knoppix CDs.

Using Knoppix and parted (or the easier to use qtparted), you should be
able to resize and repartition your hard drive.  I have done this to the
windows partition on my laptop a few times, but I have never had to
insert a partition.

> Thanks!
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