[clug-talk] Moving a Partition?

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Tue May 23 12:42:05 PDT 2006

Hi All,

I have this Media Direct button on my laptop. Originally, (read - 
before I wiped the entire disk and put Kubuntu on it), this button 
would boot into a scaled-down version of Windows XP Media (or 
whatever it's called). It would then scour the hard drive or 
attached portable memory device for media files and then offer to 
play them. It was kind of a 'quick boot' specifically for playing 

Now that the rest of my system has settled down, I'm looking at 
this thing and wondering what I can do with it. I've determined 
through forums that it appears to be hard coded to boot into the 
second partition on the first hard drive. This would make it 
/dev/sda2 for me. Sadly, that's where my Kubuntu install is (and 
I've verified that powering on with this button does boot my 
normal Linux install).

I know that there are ways to shrink down partitions without 
losing everything, but I've never done it. Assuming that someone 
can point me in the right direction there, is there any way to 
make my newly created partition /dev/sda2 instead of my current 
Linux partition. And if I did, would it just be a matter of 
updating GRUB with the new partition location of my Linux 

Or am I about to make a hopeless mess if I try this?


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