[clug-talk] fixing broken applications

Michael Walters waltersm at telusplanet.net
Mon May 22 20:53:34 PDT 2006

Hello all,

My brother Mel pointed out that since I have x window working now that I 
have broken applications and not a broken x window system, and that I 
should not use the kanotix live CD to reinstall kanotix but should just 
use it as a live boot to rescue the system. He said that when he has 
time to come over he will help me get my system running again to my 
satisfaction and will help me set up a backup system on several CD's 
which takes a snap shot of my system before I try new applications so 
that in case I break something, I can return to the point before I broke 
something. And once I do that, I could do a snap shot back up before I 
try out installing new applications and can indeed do a snap shot back 
up on a regular basis.

So if I learn how to set up and maintain a snap shot back up system I 
can then be a little more adventurous.

Mel pointed out that since I have x window working, I just have a few 
broken applications.

So I have decided that I can use my system as it is until my brother can 
show me what to do to fix what is broken and how to set up a snap shot 
back up.

I have therefore decided to use my system as it is until he helps me by 
coming over. I will know by Wednesday whether he can come over this week 
end. So I have decided not to do anything dangerous before he comes 
over. And included in the category of dangerous is installing kanotix 
off the live CD when I do not have to.

I will let the group know what I have learned about my system after my 
brother Mel comes over.

Most of my applications still work, so I will not be tempted to do 
dangerous things.



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