[clug-talk] TrueCrypt

bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Mon May 22 16:24:53 PDT 2006


On May 22, 2006 14:33, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> Anyone ever used it? I just downloaded it for my Windows box its very cool.
> What it does is it lets you mount secure virtual volumes. Lets pretend,
> that you have some porn. I'm gonna make a secure volume and call it "
> ImportantWorkSpreadsheet.xls" or whatever. It doesn't matter what
> name/extension it is, because TrueCrypt get the data from inside the file.
> So, we've made say, a 3GB volume (you have *alot* of porn!).
> Then, we're gonna mount it with TrueCrypt to, lets say, the "P:\" drive.
> So, we go back to Windows Explorer, and move all your unencrypted porn from
> "C:\heresmyporncomelookatme" to "P:\" which is really
> "C:\ImportantWorkSpreadsheet.xls". The encryption happens on the fly. So,
> when you unmount it, it just goes away like that! (Now you just have to
> worry about your boss trying to open this 3GB spreadsheet and listening to
> Excel complain that its invalid!
> That's the first way to do it. The other way is to encrypt a whole device
> (partition). Lets pretend I have a whole bunch of important work files on
> "D:\". We want to encrypt the D: drive with TrueCrypt. Then, the whole
> device is 100% secure and can't be opened without mounting it in TrueCrypt
> with the right passphrase. (Note: when you choose to encrypt a device, it
> will *wipe* it, to encrypt it. So move all your stuff onto another drive
> and then move them back on once its encrypted).
> Pretty neat eh? :) Now, you're wondering "Wow, if only something like that
> existed for Linux!!!!" Well, it does. The project is completely opensource!
> They have a linux version yippee!
> http://www.truecrypt.org/downloads.php
> So try it out :D

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