[clug-talk] Sporadic Resume Problems

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Sat May 20 23:44:59 PDT 2006

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Gustin Johnson wrote:

> That is much newer, not that old at all.  I wonder if it is a bug with
> SMP (Dual Core mobiles are new)

It occurred to me after sending that email that a dual core kernel would
likely be new. I guess I was thinking more of a 'we'll throw SMP into
this kernel and work out the kinks later' type of thing rather than an
age thing.

> All distros that I tried bailed horribly on my laptop, so I had to do

Same on my Inspiron 1000 until I tried Linspire. Bloated, but wickedly
functional. I was about to put Linspire on this laptop until a friend of
mine pointed out that the newest updates from Kubuntu contained the
Intel 3945 wireless drivers and firmware. Not looking back now.

> Yes 3 seconds is too long when I simply move to another room... (I did

Wow..you *are* demanding. The only laptop I've ever seen resume faster
than this bad boy is Kelly's old iBook. That thing would be fully
resumed and functional before you had the lid fully opened. Sexy.

> Ahh, Wireless G, making streaming video possible in your backyard.

Well I haven't done video yet, but I was listening to Virgin radio from
London all afternoon in my backyard during our yardsale today with nary
a single stutter. It was religious :)

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