[clug-talk] Sporadic Resume Problems

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sat May 20 22:49:20 PDT 2006

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Jon wrote:
> Gustin Johnson wrote:
>>> I believe that suspend/resume are kernel specific.  Which version of the
>>> kernel are you using?  If you are using the stock KUbuntu kernel, it is
>>> several revisions out of date, and I know that a lot of work has gone
>>> into this recently.
> Ahh, it's a kernel thing. Good to know. I'm running the SMP 686 kernel
> (2.6.15-23-686) and I'm not sure how up to date it is. Maybe I'll troll
> around looking for existing bugs and start one up if I don't see one.

That is much newer, not that old at all.  I wonder if it is a bug with
SMP (Dual Core mobiles are new)

> On a somewhat related note, I wasn't all that impressed with K/Ubuntu
> around the 5.04 days, but recently with my new updated hardware I've
> become extremely impressed. They done good.

I liked Kubuntu 5.04 (I am still using it at home btw), but then I used
my own kernel.  I am running a 2.6.16 at the moment (with realtime-lsm
patch for use with jackd).  Most of the time the problems are driver
(usually known as kernel) problems.  So most of the time, when a distro
gets slagged, it is normally just the kernel that is the problem.

All distros that I tried bailed horribly on my laptop, so I had to do
some homework to get it running nicely.  Argh ATI...  Next round I think
I will stick to something Intel or Nvidia based for graphics, as long as
it is in the 14" form factor that I now like so much.

>>> Personally, I have always disabled suspend resume, my experience is that
>>> it is buggy regardless of the OS.  I also move my laptop around the
>>> house quite a bit, and I don't have the patience for a resume after I
>>> close the lid.  I realize that my usage patterns do not constitute
>>> "normal usage patterns" :)
> Not sure what you mean by 'patience for a resume'. Do you mean it takes
> a long time to do so? My Linspire laptop used to take almost as long to
> resume as it did to boot, but this baby resumes in about 2-3 seconds.
> When it doesn't fail, that is :)

Yes 3 seconds is too long when I simply move to another room... (I did
say that I was aware of my own, idiosyncrasies, didn't I?) plus even
under windows (before I finally removed it to rescue the space), it
sometimes would not resume or simply be "unstable" until it rebooted.
Now when the lid closes it just turns off the LCD.  I also have fairly
aggressive HD spindown so the battery lasts a long time anyway.

> My latop is always on the move too. I use it everywhere. Even way out in
> the backyard with my new wireless G router :)

Ahh, Wireless G, making streaming video possible in your backyard.

> Thanks for the info.
> J

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