[clug-talk] Sporadic Resume Problems

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sat May 20 21:11:43 PDT 2006

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I believe that suspend/resume are kernel specific.  Which version of the
kernel are you using?  If you are using the stock KUbuntu kernel, it is
several revisions out of date, and I know that a lot of work has gone
into this recently.

Personally, I have always disabled suspend resume, my experience is that
it is buggy regardless of the OS.  I also move my laptop around the
house quite a bit, and I don't have the patience for a resume after I
close the lid.  I realize that my usage patterns do not constitute
"normal usage patterns" :)

Jon wrote:
> - gpg control packet
> Hi All,
> My system fails to resume now and again. The hard drive flickers for a
> bit, the screen video lights up, but then nothing. I have to hard
> shutdown the machine to get it back.
> I've been experimenting with the conditions under which resume fails and
> succeeds, but I haven't been able to pin anything down yet.
> I know this is the impossible question, but I thought I'd ask if there
> are any 'usual suspects' that I should be looking at for this type of
> problem.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> J
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