[clug-talk] Run a script on boot with Kubuntu?

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sat May 20 20:21:06 PDT 2006

I have a script that mounts an SMB share to a directory in the users home 
folder.  The user in question is not very proficient with computers, and does 
not understand the processes happening here, but he does need access to the 
share when the computer boots.  As well, there is one other useraccount that 
may need access to the same share (but that's me, so I'm not toooo concerned 
about the permissions issue at this point).

The problem is that I can't get this script to run on boot.  With Gentoo, I 
would just add the script to the /etc/conf.d/local.start file.  BUt with 
Kubuntu, adding it to the /etc/rc.local file doesn't do anything.  Or to 
the .bashrc or .bash_profile in his home directories (I know these only take 
effect when he logs in, and possibly only when he opens a shell).  So, I'm 
looking for the Kubuntu eqivalent to Gentoo's /etc/conf.d/local.start file.  
any tips?

One other note, I don't want to mess with the /etc/fstab file as I'm trying to 
keep this box as stock as possible for simplicity - keeping in mind the 
target user.  I also don't want to mess with the permissions on the mount 
command.  Right now only root can mount directories, but again, the end user 
has no clue what sudo is or how to use it (never mind trying to describe 
opening a shell to them).

Any tips are appreciated.


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