[clug-talk] Challenge: Fertil Soil

Jesse Kline jesse at kline.ca
Fri May 19 08:26:41 PDT 2006

Quoting Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com>:

> As for whether CLUG has the Fertile Soil for encouraging people... I think
> the 
> question is a little skewed.  That's saying "What has the group done for me 
> to make me want to help?".  I think that's the wrong approach.

I personally started getting involved to give something back to the open source
community in general. I realized that the only reason I am using all this great
software is because many developers have contributed many hours of their time to
make it possible. I'm not a developer myself, but we can all help out by helping
other people. I started by just answering newbie questions on desktop stuff, but
as I've learned more I am able to field more questions. I would look at the
bigger picture, because I know that everyone who uses open source gets
tremendous value out of it.


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