[clug-talk] Presentation Topics and Presenters at CLUG

Jarrod Major jarrod at digitaldemesne.net
Thu May 18 22:55:32 PDT 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 23:15, Dave Watkins - CLUG wrote:
> Good evening,
> We’d like to try and arrange some different and interesting
> presenters/presentations at upcoming meetings.
> Having said that I'd like to pose three questions:
> 1.  Who would you like to have present a talk at one of our monthly
> meetings?

Peter Carless on his vast knowledge of SIP/VoIP and telecommunications in 
general. I've had the opportunity to talk to Peter on several occasions about 
this topic and he is very knowledgeable and captivating. The accent doesn't 
hurt either ;) Peter has explained his particular rig very well over email 
but a practical demonstration might be very cool.

Aaron Seigo about anything KDE of course. Being our resident KDE developer, 
it's always nice to hear of anything to do with MY desktop of choice (not to 
offend the Gnome users or any of the other fine Window Managers out there). I 
know Aaron has flat out said he can't do a presentation this coming month so 
we'll just have to snag him some other month down the road. Aaron is worth 
the wait. As a former colleague of his (we were CLUG Executives together for 
those newer members) I greatly respect Aaron and his knowledge. We are lucky 
to have him and even more lucky that he still participates, we've lost a 
number of more experienced users over the years. It is a testament to Aaron's 
giving nature I guess.

> 2.  What topics would you like presented at our monthly meetings?

As mentioned above:

KDE stuff, most notably speed improvements or a run down of some of the newest 

IPCop seems to have been a hot topic again lately. More info about this would 
be welcome I'm sure. Perhaps someone should contact Kevin Anderson, I know he 
is/was pretty active in IPCop development. I don't think Kevin has been to a 
meeting in some time (ooh, the pot calling the kettle black, the irony) it 
would be nice to coerce him to come and discuss this with us;

Port-Knocking (www.portknocking.org), I suggested a presentation on this a 
while back but nobody else seemed interested in it. I even volunteered to 
help but it never went anywhere. We could have even had Martin Krzywinski, 
the 'architect' behind port-knocking in, he's in Vancouver.

> 3.  What would YOU be willing to talk about?

Hmm, I think my tenure as a CLUG Executive has exposed a number of you to 
enough of me. Seriously, I would love to do a presentation again. I haven't 
found anything recently that either a) I'm confident enough to speak about or 
b) that anyone else besides me would care about (I mentioned Tellico 
(www.periapsis.org/tellico) on the list a while back and nobody responded).
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