[clug-talk] FREE pc-to-landline calling

Peter Carless pcarless at carless.com
Thu May 18 17:35:35 PDT 2006

On 5/18/06, Mitchell Brown <mbgb14 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Awesome thanks Jim. I just got a FWD account and my number is
> 773414(@fwd.pulver.com) for anyone who wants to sip me!
> _______________________________________________

I have been using FWD for some time now and it it has some handy
features that I find quite useful.
I am using a Sipura SPA-3000 which is a FXS and FXO analog adaptor.
(Sipura is owned by Linksys which is owned by Cisco)
It is a box about the size of a cigarette pack, and has 3 ports (plus
a connector to a power brick)

The first port is an RJ45 port which connects to the Internet. (works
OK thru a router.)

The second port is an RJ11 connector and connects to a standard
telephone. (this is the FXS port)

The third port is also an RJ11 connector but this plugs in to a
standard PSTN phone line.
This is the FXO port..

I have this set up so that when a call comes in on the PSTN line it is
call forwarded to a FWD number. This allows me to answer my phone
anywhere in the world, as long as I am connected to the Internet and
have a soft phone running.
If I do not answer the call, it goes to FWD voice mail. There is no
charge for using FWD voice mail and it allows you to record a personal
greeting. What is even better, when someone leaves a voice mail, FWD
send me an email with a wav file attachment so I can listen to my
voice mail on any computer connected to the Internet that has a sound

The SPA-3000 adapter allows me to call from a remote location using a
soft phone through the FWD network to make calls from my home phone
line. This is done using a pin so that hackers can't hijack my phone
line. I found this feature quite handy when I was visiting Australia,
as it allowed me to make free phone calls to anywhere in Calgary.

My Telus PSTN line that I am using is the basic line with no added
features. The call forward and voice mail are all provided by FWD.
Also the features I am using require only the SPA-3000 adaptor and an
Internet connection.  No computer is required. The SPA-3000 adaptor
does use standard SIP protocol and will work quite well with Asterisk
if you require some of the more sophisticated features that this
software will provide.

One of the other features of FWD is that you can register your phone
at more than one location. That means that if you have a phone in your
home and your office, when you receive a call it will ring at both


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