[clug-talk] Challenge: Fertil Soil

Jesse Kline jesse at kline.ca
Thu May 18 18:21:37 PDT 2006

> >Just a thought, but perhaps if that environment doesn't exist or if it 
> >does, can't be seen, that may contribute to the lack of involvement on 
> >both sides.  I myself, have felt that some ideas I have proposed (at 
> >various times) have either been outright dismissed or just left to die. 
> >  Yes, I could have done my part and brought the idea to life, but 
> >sometimes, that is all I may have is an idea and I am not sure where to 
> >go.  And sometimes, if I don't see an opportunity to have that idea grow 
> >then I figure why should I bother to waste my time.  To put it another 
> >way...I may want to grow a crop but may not know how the see it through 
> >from planting to harvest...or...why should I plant the seed if no one 
> >else is willing to help with the cultivation.
> >
> >I am sure this post will cause some interesting comments.

I'll take it. The problem in this organization has been a lack of volunteers for
a long time. I've seen you come up with a number ideas since you've been on this
list, and while most of them are not bad ideas, they're usually big ideas. I've
also never seen you volunteer to act upon your ideas. So if you want to know why
they are not given a whole lot of attention, maybe it is because everyone knows
we don't have the manpower to implement it, no one wants to take the project
lead, and everyone knows that you're not going to stand behind the idea and run
with it.

I'm really not trying to be harsh here, but doing something big takes a lot of
effort. We can see this with the LinuxFest that just took place. A number of
people really pushed the event, and got people interested. Even then there was
still not enough volunteers to do the things that we had wanted to do. Yet a
couple years ago when you proposed a similar type of event, the idea died
because you didn't take charge and try to start something.

In the end, I think that people stepping up to the plate is exactly what this
organization needs. CLUG has lots of potential, but will never realize it as
long as a majority of its members are freeriders.


p.s. Is there a problem with the listserve? I have seen a number of replies to
messages which I never got including this one.

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