[clug-talk] Mailing List Guidelines

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Thu May 18 10:45:43 PDT 2006

On 5/18/06, bogi <khangyi at shaw.ca> wrote:
> In general there is a guideline as to how to ask a question. And it is not
> hard to follow, now given that the person asking the question can and is
> likely so new to Linux/Open Source/Free software that they dont know how to
> ask the question. So here is a short checklist:
>         -Politely say Hi :-)
>         -state you Distro name and version (like ubuntu 5.10)
>         -state what application is in question, say streamtuner if applicable.
>         -state what the problem is, like (i cant do this,or how to i do this or that)
>         -is hardware in involved state hardware name and model number (this helps a
> lot ) like IBM 300PL built in soundcard or Nvidia Gforce2 if you can.
>         -state is applicable (or needed) the hardware and / or software configuration
> of the system in question.
>         -paste the error message  / or logfile portion pertaining.

Here is the long checklist (if you have an hour or so to burn
sometime, give this a read:-)
"How To Ask Questions The Smart Way"

Questions that follow this format are usually answered the quickest
and to the required level of detail.  There are also examples of how
not to ask questions, if you ask questions that way, please change it


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